Monday, July 14, 2008

My Summer, in a Nutshell. (Or should I say Vacuum?)

An experimental physicist performs an experiment involving two cats, and an inclined tin roof. The two cats are very nearly identical; same sex, age, weight, breed, eye and hair color. The physicist places both cats on the roof at the same height and lets them both go at the same time. One of the cats fall off the roof first so obviously there is some difference between the two cats. What is the difference?
One cat has a greater mew.

You may be very confused at this post thus far. The title may be hard to understand as well as the joke above. Yes, that is a joke. And actually, it is a pretty funny one if you ask anyone who knows anything about physics. If you haven't figured out yet, my summer has been based around Physics 2010 and 2020, and ONLY those two things. Very few other things make their way into my life. Since May 12, I have been attending Physics Monday-Friday from 8-2. In all reality, this is more school than I went to in Fall or Spring semester which is absurd because it is Summer! My social life is much less existent while everyone else has only a social life and 100% less school than me. What more could I ask for? Physics, no social life, 100+ degree weather, no beach, and no sleeping in. This is the life.

This wonderful experience ends on July 30th at which point I will begin my 3 week summer vacation. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am!!

PS- the Vacuum joke in the title is too hard to explain so I guess I just don't care if you get it or not. But really, it's funny. Physics is so funny. In fact, here is another little joke for your own pleasure.


Taylor said...

hahahaha. funny post. I think i get one out of the three jokes, but still funny.

Taylor said...

slash nice blog update! i think you are on track for about 2 a year!

Jacob Parry said...

I also didn't know that you had a blog. Congratulations.

I will try my best to not let your compliments go to my head, although I already feel it getting bigger...your fault.