Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Just reminding people, but my new blog is on tumblr.
the URL is:


I know it's annoying to have to go somewhere that isn't blogspot, so sorry! don't feel obligated to read my blog - it's really not that exciting - but just thought I'd let people know again. Anyways, quick update? Life is swell, 2010 is great, resolutions are being stuck to, and my room mates are amazing. I think this semester will be the wonderful.


Monday, December 28, 2009


I have converted to Tumblr. It seems to be a lot better, easier to work with, less convoluted, much more integrated into social networking sites, etc. Here is my link.



2009 - Many things have happened, but it has mainly been a year of learning and growing. I am so happy with everything that has happened. It's been great. I have a new understanding of life and a greater appreciation for more important things! I hope 2010 can be even better though.
Here is a flashback of the year.

New Years Eve.

Moved into my new house.

Spring Bid Day for DG.

I got a little sis! (but I look like the little.)

Crush Party.

I Planned Greek Week. (DG's Won!)

Spring Break in Arizona with the girls!!

Greek row parties.

DG Spring Formal - I went with Keeyon!

We all took Tourism and went on a legit tour of SLC.
Private helicopter and all.

Pretty much lived at Pat & T. Brode's House 24/7.

Moved home and sold Green Tea HP.

So I went and saw cool architecture.

Saw Harry Potter at Midnight.

Went to the US Virgin Islands with my family and got a hair wrap.

Started the Architecture Program.
Went on a Scavenger Hunt.

Sig Bid Party.

Went to Wendover and Won BIG $$$

Went to support DG's at Songfest.

DG's at the Drive In - I went with Josh!

Went camping in the Salt Flats with my Arch class.

Went to NYC with Aubree, Steph, & Emmy to see TBrode.

Aubs and I were Pinky and the Brain for Halloween.

DG Fall Formal - I went with Sam! (he's creeping in the background of the pic haha)

DG Casino Night.

Went to the annual Sig Techno Party.
It was a let down. But for some reason we were mexicans.

We had Christmas Parties and I turned 21.

Thanks Jane.

Jane really hit the nail on the head with her most recent post.
I have definitely stopped working out for quite a while and let's just say that needs to change. This summer I was running at least 20 miles a week and working out tons and eating super healthy. I was only having one diet coke a WEEK for crying out loud!! What happened to that? It's so weird how things change when school starts. This semester has been an adjustment to architecture school - but that excuse works NO MORE. Exercising and eating healthy are a priority. Starting NOW!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

December the 25th.

Happy Christmas!!

I hope everyone has a day full of family, love, and joy.


I feel content with how hard I worked this semester and the outcome of said work. Turns out I got an A-, A-, B+, and a B in my four classes. That makes for a 3.46 GPA for the semester. Probably could have done better towards the end of the term, but I feel happy with it. Now I need to work harder next semester so that I can do even better!! Just have to remind myself that if I work hard, there is more of a chance for a great Grad School that doesn't involve Utah, haha.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Parties & 21st Birthdays.

I'm apologizing right now for my extensive descriptions and long blog posts. Don't feel obligated to read. I promise one of my new years resolutions is to write shorter blogs.

Annual Christmas Social - Best Christmas Party. Hands down. It was so much fun. The DJ was great, the people were great, the costumes were great, and the white elephant exchange was great. Already can't wait for next year. Here are some pictures.

Aubree's 21st Birthday - Thursday night we went to 80's dancing because it turned her birthday at midnight. Literally the best night of my life I think. First we went to family dinner at Settobello with Taylor, Pat, Me, Aubs, Abby, and Katelyn. Then 80's with a great crew of peeps. I normally HATE 80's more than anything. For some reason this night was SO MUCH FUN!!! We stayed for literally 3 hours until the very last song at 2 am. We probably could have even stayed longer. It was also our friend Pete's birthday so him and his friends were there which also made it way fun. After we went to Molca and Abby and I had a chugging contest of 1 liter of ice cold water while standing outside in 20 degree weather. She won. It was freezing. But we both finished our waters. Abby puked. It was hilarious. Aubree filmed it all. By the time we went to bed it was like 4:30.

Sub For Santa/DG Christmas Party - Complete success. First time we've had a party at the DG house and let's just say it won't be the last! (hopefully) It was so much fun, the house was PACKED, and it was for a great cause. Couldn't have gone better - it was complete with a birthday cake for Aubree and a DJ playing Christmas tunes mixed with Top 40. Great great great.

My 21st! - Wonderful. Lunch at Toasters, Shopping with Brecken, and Park City for Sushi and Dancing with my best friends. It was a great birthday and I couldn't ask for better friends.

Finals Week.

The last two weeks have felt like a month. Last week on Dec. 11th we had our final review in studio. It was rough getting everything together and preparing for it, but it ended up going okay and we all finished our work. We were at school pretty late that whole week and I even slept at school one of the nights for a little bit. On Friday after the review we went to Cafe Rio with our studio which was pretty fun, except our teacher was an hour late so it was a little awkward when he got there and we were done eating. Then I was so exhausted that I went straight home and went to bed and slept for a really long time. That weekend was nice because I pretty much didn't do anything except sleep and hang out with my friends. There is an annual Christmas party that these Skyline kids do every year and it was hilarious. I was obsessed. Everyone was so fun and it was the best Christmas Party ever. The next day was our family Christmas party at Gran's which was awesome. We all were fake drunk and it was hilarious. From that point on, I was owned by school. Sunday night I stayed at school till 5 am working on stuff, went home, and came back around 11 am. Monday was ridiculous. I literally didn't leave school. I was there, along with lots of other people, working on an AutoCAD project we had due on Tuesday at noon. I didn't sleep a wink. At 6 AM our teacher showed up with doughnuts, knowing that there would be tons of us there working on the project. He's nice. At noon when we turned in everything we took a break for about an hour at which time I got a diet coke and contemplated going home to shower since I'd been at school for over 24 hours, but instead I stayed and we started studying for our Materials Construction final that was the next day. Bad idea to wait to study until the day before. Espesh for that class. We studied until about 5 and then I went home showered, ate dinner, and came back to school at 7 for a study session. I shouldn't have even gone to the study session because as I was sitting in the classroom I fell asleep every 5 minutes. My eyes were so heavy and I couldn't stay awake. I had been awake for about 32 hours at that point, but only had about 4 hours of sleep before that so it seemed like I had been awake for like 55ish hours. Finally went to bed right after the pointless study session at like 9 PM and then woke up at 4:30 to study. It was a decent idea. Finally took the test, and finals were over. Most exhausting week of my life. It was out of control. I have never had less sleep in my life. Between Sunday morning and Wednesday night I had only slept about 12 hours. INSANE. Well, I survived my first semester of architecture school. Quite the accomplishment. Some argue the first year is the hardest. Hopefully I did well in my classes and pull at least a B average. We'll see. For now, I'm just glad it's over and that I can catch up on sleep.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Choc A Lot.

I love chocolate. Espesh Dove Milk Chocolate. And espesh during the holiday season when treats are every where! Anyways, with every dove chocolate comes a quote inside of the wrapper. I always read mine and I wanted to share a few that I have had recently that I just loved.

Forget the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey instead.

It's never too late for a fresh start.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Just thought I'd share those. I've got tons of blogging to do, but right now I am just going to bed because I haven't really slept the last 3 days. We've been pulling a lot of all nighters at school because today we had our final review in studio. Crazy. And I still have like 4 more projects to do for next week - AutoCAD, sketch book, two portfolios, and a materials construction exam. I'm swamped. School owns me. But it's okay because I like school. And I like my friends at school. More to come on finals week later. Goodnight.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kind Deed.

Today one of our neighbors anonymously shoveled our walk. What a sweet gesture. Shoveling snow isn't easy and it's certainly not fun. This kind deed definitely didn't go unnoticed. I wish I knew who did it so that I could say thank you. It made me want to do something nice to someone without them knowing it was me. So thank you sweet neighbor friend for inspiring me to want to be kinder.