Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Triathlon

When first hearing the idea of doing a Sprint Triathlon, I did not think it would be possible for me. I am SO out of shape. But somehow Taylor and Cousins convinced me that it was a good idea and that I could do it. We started training in beginning of September with mainly just running and swimming. We swam in the Hyper Pool at the U and ran around Sugarhouse Park. Finally the big day was on November 8th. Only Taylor, Matt, and I ended up doing the race and I finished in an about 1 hour 39 minutes, which is not too shabby for my first tri! I was happy to not be last to the finish line, haha. I have never felt so proud of myself. I had a goal, I worked hard, and I accomplished it. Here are some picture from the big day.

Before the Race:

After the Race:

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Taylor said...

ya! it was pretty dang awesome. felt good. get ready for spring cause there are a bunch then!