Monday, January 12, 2009

New. New. New.

New Year. New Semester. New House.
I am so excited for this semester! I am moved into a cute house with Brecken, Annie, and Abby and I LOVE it already!! I can't wait for all the fun times we are going to all have together. I am sad that I won't be living in the deeg again with everyone, but I also think that living away from the deeg will be good since it will be a hard semester. This semester will be tough with 18 credit hours, my greek council position, building my portfolio, etc. but I think I can handle it and still have fun...hopefully, ha. Here's my classes:

Intro to Architecture
Intro to Music
Physics of the Human Body
Living the eLife
Architectural Design Workshop
Group Travel/Tour Management

Unfortunately I have class every single day- Monday through Friday. This past semester has been so nice sleeping in every day and not have school on Friday's. Oh will be worth it because after this semester I will only have one more class to complete until I am done with my General Education!! Well, to everyone who is a current student, good luck this semester!!


drew said...

what is living the eLife? That sounds dzzang interesting!

Lauren Rice said...

It is so legit!!! It is a class made for you since you are the Blogger for UFI! haha