Monday, January 26, 2009


This is what I have been reading; the reason being that I was horribly burned yesterday at Lime Light. I do not recommend going there to tan. I looked like a fried lobster coming out of the place and my body is in horrible pain. Here are some tips for future reference if you are ever badly sunburned.

Choose Makeup Carefully

Step 1:
Think carefully before deciding to cover a facial sunburn with makeup. It's natural to want to apply thick foundation or powder over a sunburned face. However, remember that a sunburn is no different than any other type of burn. Makeup will irritate the burned skin, causing the sunburn to last longer and possibly even develop blisters.
Step 2:
Pick a high-quality, hypoallergenic powder if you decide you want to conceal a facial sunburn. The new mineral powders are best, as they do not tend to irritate sensitive skin. These mineral powders also offer thicker concealment and can stay on all day.
Step 3:
Hide sunburn with muted makeup. Powder, lip balm and a sweep of mascara will not attract as much attention to a burned face as garish colors and bright lipsticks can do.

Select Loose Clothing

Step 1:
Wear loose cotton shirts, dresses and pants, when at all possible. It's important to keep tight, heavy clothing off and away from your burn. You may be tempted to wear more revealing clothing, but it's important to keep the burn away from more sunlight for the time being.
Step 2:
Wear a scarf or pashmina over a loose, sleeveless shell to work if you need to look professional, rather than a blazer. A loose scarf will hide your sunburn and also prevent the burn from being exposed to sunlight.
Step 3:
Choose loose cotton undershirts under clothes with scratchy fibers, such as lace or wool. If you irritate the burn, it will stay red longer, exacerbating the cycle of discomfort.
Step 4:
Choose to wear red or dark colored clothing, since the red of the sunburn will look less intense against these colors than against white or yellow.
Tips & Warnings

The best way to not have to show a sunburn is to heal it as quickly as possible. Use aloe vera on the burned area twice a day or more often, if you have the time and inclination to do so

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Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

Okayyyy you are HILARIOUS. I love that you researched about this--thank you for the great tips!