Monday, February 2, 2009

Billy Joel.

If I had to pick one musical artist who expressed everything perfectly through his music and lyrics, I would without a doubt pick Billy Joel. He is so blunt in everything he says. It's not stupid or cheezy or something that doesn't apply to is legit. He literally only speaks the truth. Also he has a song that applies to pretty much any aspect of anyone's life. No matter what mood you are in, he as a song for you! Billy Joel is literally the greatest.

Here are my top 5 favorites

1. My Life
2. Tell Her About It
3. Piano Man
4. She's Always A Woman
5. The Longest Time

PS- If I had one recommendation for guys who are in the dating scene, or just not married yet, I would say LISTEN TO TELL HER ABOUT IT AND TAKE EVERYTHING HE SAYS SERIOUSLY. HE IS RIGHT.

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Amanda said...

Weird, Billy Joel is in the blog I just posted too! I only know one of his songs but I'll have to listen to these. :)