Sunday, February 15, 2009

Try Again.

Or should I say Tri Again?

I decided that I am going to participate in my second Triathlon! I am going to do the one that is at the U. It is just a sprint like last time, which means I will be able to do it, and will hopefully improve my time! I am really excited. I am going to start training this week. I'm not going to start biking for a while, but swimming and running will commence this week. I really do love swimming, which I found out while training for my first tri. Anyways, if anyone wants to do this, I HIGHLY recommend it! It is not that hard and the feeling when you finish is so rewarding!! You feel very fit, and good about yourself. It's just the thing I need right now. When I find out the date and cost, I will let you all know. So get excited and start working out!!!

Here is the link of the Tri:


b said...

i don't really want to do the actual tri, but i want to train with you for it! call me when you go to swim pleasse!

Jill said...

I'm so excited for you! Even though I wouldn't do this in a million years! You're way more motivated then i am!