Thursday, March 19, 2009


No big deal, I just live in the best place ever--Irvine, CA. It's literally ranked 4th best place to live, in every aspect. Click here to see for yourself. I never truly appreciated Irvine or Orange County in general until I moved to a four-seasoned state. Salt Lake is great, but NOTHING compared to beautiful California. I have everything I could possibly want within minutes from my house. I have the beach, shopping (good shopping...not Utah shopping), any type of restaurant, a pool on every corner and in most people's backyards, a lot more job opportunities, great people, 65-85 degree weather year round, and everything else you could possibly want. Not to mention that because it is a planned city, everything looks beautiful when you drive anywhere. I LOVE IT. I am so lucky to have grown up here. I will definitely live in Southern California when I have my own family. It's perfectly blissful.

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Jordan Swan said...

I literally wrote a blog entry almost identical to this one today.
I miss Orange County too Lauren, and I feel your pain being here in Utah!