Thursday, March 12, 2009

SB '09.

Spring Break is finally here. I feel like this semester is going by pretty quickly, but at the same time I have never felt so busy and overwhelmed with so many things going on!! I know that is all I talk about on my blog lately, but that's because it really is my life! There is nothing else to talk about haha. Everything I am involved in has seriously taken over my life and I am way more than ready for a break. It is MUCH needed. Normally spring break comes at a good time, but I never truly appreciate it--this year, I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR SPRING BREAK. I couldn't be happier. Going to Arizona with 15 of my close girlfriends to lay in the sun, watch movies, go out to dinner, and shop sounds like the perfect antidote to life right now :) I can't wait!! And then I get to go home for a few days, where even more of my friends will be!! So many DG's and Sigma Chi's are going to San Diego, LA, etc. and I will get to have a fun time with them too. It is going to be great!

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