Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Tomorrow is my last day of my Living the eLife class!!! I still have a couple assignments to do for it that are due this weekend, but STILL!!!! I am so excited!!! That class has shocked me the most this semester--I thought it was going to a be a fun, easy class...WRONG. It is actually pretty hard, but I definitely learned a ton in it. I really enjoyed it. This marks the first of my classes ending!! On Tuesday next week I have a final in my Tourism class (open note/book) with only 12 questions on it haha. Then the next day I have my Intro to Music and Physics of the Human Body final exams back to back, but they will be a piece of cake. So after next Wednesday I officially only have my Architectural Design class, which ends on May 5. Stoked is all I have to say.

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Taylor said...

lucky. that is not fair.