Tuesday, April 7, 2009


When I was younger I seriously was an A+ Journal writer. I wrote in my journal every day, no matter what--even if it just said that I didn't do much that day. So detailed. So consistent. Reading my past journals is probably one of my favorite things to do. One day last semester when Aubree and I were room mates at the deeg it was like a Friday night and we decided to just stay in our beds and read my journal out loud. I have never laughed so hard. Seriously, the things I used to write...wow. Anyways, so last night I was up pretty late making a model for my architecture class and was taking a break and listening to music. A song by Dashboard Confessional came on and it reminded me of my freshman year of high school. I decided to pull out my journal and read a little bit from it. Hilarious, as usual. I then realized that I haven't written anything in college...which sucks. There are so many funny things that have happened in the last 2 years, that I will never remember anymore. It's so sad for me to think about. So I decided this would no longer be the case. I bought a new journal in November and planned on writing main events from college in it during winter break and then trying to keep up with writing in it. Well, of course, I didn't write anything in it over break so it's still empty. So last night I decided to write in it. I skipped all the catching up and decided to start writing in it at LEAST once a week. I don't want the journals I have to be the end of my memories. I want my college experiences written down too so that I can show it to my kids. I pretty much have a journal for every age--elementary, high school, and now college. Not only are there funny stories that I can read and laugh for an hour about remembering the good times, but also when my kids are having problems I'm sure I went through something similar. It will be so nice for me to show them my journal so they know they aren't the only ones and that I know how they are feeling. I think it is so important to keep a record of our lives. I hope I never go another 2 years without writing again. I did make a document on my computer about main things from college thus far and plan on going into some detail about some of the events--especially joining DG and stuff like that. Things that I never want to forget. I'm so glad that I have started writing in it again. I can't wait to read this journal in a few years when it's full and hilarious to look back at this one too. I love it.

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Masha said...

Don't worry I have had the same journal since I was six and I just barely filled it up! Pretty much every year I have made a goal to write more and it still hasn't really happened.