Friday, April 10, 2009


In The Devil Wears Prada there is a quote that can almost perfectly describe my life right now--
"My personal life is hanging by a thread."
"That's what happens when you start doing well at work. Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. That means its time for a promotion."

Okay, so I don't have a job so obviously I'm not talking about work, I am talking about school. I have been putting 100% of my effort into getting straight A's this semester and I probably will. However it is really catching up with me. I miss being social. I miss being a part of all the fun times with my friends. I miss having people calling me to hang out, because now they know I never do so they don't call. I miss living at the deeg. I miss having inside jokes with all the dg's. I am really getting sick of having no life. It's not fair that just because I want to get very good grades I have to sacrifice so much. I want to succeed in school, but I don't want to succeed and be left with memories of college of me having no life. This weekend is that last weekend of the semester that I will have to deal with this. After this, most of my school work will be done for the semester. It will be great to get my grades for this semester, but next time I try doing this I am going to do it much different. I need to learn to balance my time more so that I can have a life and still do well in school.

The thing that scares me a lot is that the Architecture program at the U is so intense and all I hear them talk about is how I should enjoy my life right now because when I get in the program, I won't have a social life at all. They get no sleep and no life. They dedicate ALL of their time to school. I want to be an architect more than anything in the whole world, so I won't let the schooling stop me. However, it has made me realize that I really do need to take advantage of the time I have right now without being in the program since when I am in it, I won't be very social.

Hopefully this weekend goes by fast and I am still able to get everything done that I need to get done. And hopefully everyone has fun in Jackson Hole....without me :(

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