Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Would Have Thought.

That I would ever get a job! Well, I officially have a job and even though it may not be the most legit job ever, at least I am making money! That's really all that matters, ha. Aubree and I are both working for Greentea HP now. So basically we stand in one of those cabana's at the spectrum and give people free samples of the many flavors of greentea we have and see if they want to buy any. This job requires me to walk up to strangers, but I am not scared of that. I mostly worry that I won't be persuasive enough when talking to them and then they won't buy any from me! Even though we make an hourly wage (which for some reason is below minimum wage, but the boss says it doesn't matter?) we also make commission on each box we sell. Hopefully I can use some of the acting I learned in high school from good ol' Mr. Gould and get people to buy the product! Once I know more about it, I'll put info on here. Anyways, I start on Friday and am really anxious. Woohoo!! I can't believe I have a job!!!!!

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sienaleigh said...

I would buy Green tea from you!