Thursday, June 11, 2009


Los Angeles Area High School #9

Something I love about architecture is that you can influence people without them even realizing. You are subconsciously affected by the design of buildings you are in or around in many different ways. The design of a building or home can change your attitude, the way you move through it, or what you do in the space - it's truly amazing. Anyways, on to my point...There is a new high school that has been built right in downtown LA for arts students (originally a normal high school, but eventually they decided that it would be for the arts). It is so interesting that now that it is built people are angry with its "extravagant" architecture and "not conducive to creativity" environment. I do see the points they make in this article about it, but it makes me wonder several things. First, why didn't the architect consider the weather of LA, the culture of LA, the students who would be attending, and the financial status of the LAUSD? All of those things you would think would be considered very intensely and studied completely. Second, why did the LAUSD not stop the architect when they realized that it started exceeding their budget SIGNIFICANTLY (from $87 million to $232 million) and force him to stay within range. Third, if they thought the design was too "over the top" and "extravegant" they should have said something before construction began. I obviously believe that an architect should design what they want and be able to portray the message they want to, but I also realize that you have to be realistic in finances and functionality. Anyways, I want to go visit the high school this summer and see in person what I really think of it before really deciding - Although I do tend to agree with most of the points made in the article. It's not quite high school architecture. Don't get me wrong, I think it is truly amazing and I love the style, but as far as functionality its just not quite right...

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