Friday, June 5, 2009

My Dream Is Coming True!!!!

My dream of becoming an Architect is finally becoming a reality!! Let me start from the beginning...

Growing up I wanted to be an Interior Designer. When it came to picking colleges I was pretty positive I wanted to go to the University of Utah - it's the only place I even applied. My junior year of high school I took a physics class and loved it. I also really liked math. So since the U didn't have interior design I started thinking about architecture and realized it connected three things that I loved - math, physics, and art. When I went to visit the U at the end of my junior year I met with the Dean of the College of Architecture and planning. I walked into the building and had an overwhelming feeling that I was supposed to go the U and belonged in the Architecture building. It was so amazing. I told the Dean about how I was taking pre-calc my senior year and AP physics my senior year. He said I was the perfect candidate for Architecture. He suggested I also take a drawing class, so I did. At the U, I haven't taken my eyes off the goal but have been distracted and discouraged at times. I didn't have faith in myself, and didn't think it would be possible at times. However I am so glad that I pushed through all of that because obviously my hard work has paid off!

This spring I applied to the University of Utah's College of Architecture and Planning. I only told a couple of my closest friends and my immediate family. The reason for this was because I was POSITIVE I was not going to get accepted. It is a highly competitive program and many people have to apply more than once. About 150 people apply every year and 45-50 people are accepted. (I am not saying this to brag....Okay, maybe I am, but I am just really proud of myself!!!) Anyways, I don't have the highest GPA but it's decent. I was banking on my portfolio to make an impression so that when I applied next year they would remember me and see that I am determined. I am assuming my portfolio made more of an impression than I thought it would - that is most likely the reason I was accepted. I was so sure that I was not going to get in that I allowed my dad to open the acceptance letter for me and read it to me over the phone while I was on my break at work. If I had known that I would get accepted I would have definitely waited to open it myself, haha.

It is a 2 year program that is very intense and structured. My schedule is now planned out from Fall '09 to Spring '11. After I graduate from undergraduate school I will then apply for graduate school - assuming all of those sleepless nights don't kill me. I am so excited to start this program and begin my pursuit of becoming an architect. I do have mixed emotions though...I was kind of banking on having the next year to just do whatever I wanted...Study abroad, take super easy classes, work and make money, etc. I may have to take a step back from the Greek system and step down from one of my positions. I have classes M-F until 5 PM. It's going to be intense. Good-bye social life. I should have lived it up more last semester!!! Except I know that all my hard work last semester is probably one of the main reasons I got in. Anyways, just wanted to share my exciting news with the few people who may read my blog!!! I can't believe it, I am still in shock!!!!!


drew said...

My congratulatory speech to you will only contain 3 words, two of which you taught me:

Legit, Lo, legit.

Beverly Rice said...

I LOVE that story! It makes me cry! I also love Drew's comments! :)

Amanda said...

i am so proud of you!!!! that's really amazing. you need to have a little more faith in yourself because you are something else.