Friday, July 31, 2009

The End.

Today is my last day at Green Tea HP. No more selling for me. It's been a nice summer job, but that's all - a summer job. I don't particularly enjoy having to convince someone to buy something. I believe the product should sell itself. I can't wait for the day where the product I'm selling is myself. No, no, no...not like that. I mean that I will be selling myself to a client to be their Architect. Hopefully I won't have to do much selling. I envision it as the client walking into my stunning office that is superbly decorated - chic, classy, modern - seeing exquisite artwork on the walls. Then looking at my breathtaking portfolio and past projects and being swept off their feet and wanting me as their architect more than anything. They'll be in a state of complete bliss as we discuss the possibilities and creative outlooks on the project that they give me. After which, they walk back out of the office, once again enjoying the still, quiet, poised, and professional atmosphere of the space I work, and out the door into the loud, busy, overwhelmingly big city (either LA or NY).

Obviously I haven't thought about my future at all, just a vague description ;) haha. I hope more than anything that someday I look back and read this and say - I DID IT!!! That will be a great day.

Anyways, so long Green Tea.

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sienaleigh said...

I like your plan for your future!! But here's the thing-since I am going into marketing you are going to have to let me help you sell yourself. I think we could make a great team!!