Monday, July 6, 2009


I've seen several movies for the first time this past week and just thought I'd let people know if they were good or not.

1. New In Town
Susan wanted us to watch this movie because her and her friends out in South Dakota LOVED it and couldn't stop laughing. Well, if you don't know it's about a city girl who gets transferred to some po-dunk town in the mid-west and has to learn to deal with the people there and then of course ends up loving it and staying and falling in love blah blah blah. So, since my mom and I are the city girls, we were pretty critical of the movie. But then there is Susan from a po-dunk mid-west town who loved it. It was overall a cute movie, but totally unrealistic (at least for anyone like me). Glad I saw it, but probably never wanna see it again.

2. Gran Torino
Great story line. Horrible language. Made me cry. Loved it, but I wish it just wouldn't have had such foul language. That part really ruined it for me. I don't think I could sit through it again and listen to the language, but I really did love it and am so glad I saw it finally.

3. Taken
Wayyyyy too real for me. That type of thing really happens and to girls my age. It's so common, and scared me to death. I'm glad all my friends who studied abroad lately are home safe because it was terrifying for me to think that it could have happened to my dear friends that were recently travelling alone together - just like the movie. On a more critical note, it was soooo unrealistic. The dad was shot at about a million times and somehow the bullets always missed him, yet he had perfect aim and killed everyone he shot at. I know it's a movie, but still. That stuff bugs me.

On my movie "to see" list:
Harry Potter
(DUHHHHH I will be going at midnight with Libby and cannot wait to bring out my cloak, scarf, and wand)
Public Enemies
Ice Age
Taking of Pelham 123
The Proposal
Year One (Has anyone seen it? Is it good?)

...Wow I have lots of movies to see. Who wants to movie-hop with me? :)

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