Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well, Here Goes.

My first camping trip. Like legit camping. We are going to the Salt Flats and assembling/installing/presenting our projects that we just completed. The project is called a "Machine of Perception". Basically, since the Salt Flats are such a huge, vast space we were supposed to design something that helps you understand the vastness of the flats or it can be something that messes up your perspective even more. It is so cool to see everyones projects, lighting things on fire, creating mirages, buckets on your head with different mirrors angled so you can't see straight, huge purple cubes, awesome lantern/hot air balloons, and even a group that is creating our actual studio space from school up there in the flats. It's going to be so cool!!! My group has five 55 gallon oil bins and we created the surface area of the open space with cans, cut them open and poke holes for ventilation in them, fill them with gas, put some pieces of wood in them, and then burn them. We space them each 25 feet apart and will do it at day and at night. The flames got about 5 feet high off the bin! It's out of control. SUCH HUGE FLAMES! We really almost burnt down the building. I love my major.

Anyways - back to camping. I am nervous. I got thermals, fleece, a 20 degree sleeping bag, four layers of shirts/pants, and sleeping in my car. Okay so maybe sleeping in my car isn't quite camping, but I'm just not ready to sleep in a tent!! We are going to do most of our project on Friday and then some Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we are going to wander the flats and find three potential sites for our third project, which is going to be the most architectural project we have done yet. I'm excited! It sounds very challenging, but it will be fun to actually design a residence. Well! I'll post many pics about my camping journey and also let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck!!!