Sunday, November 15, 2009

All-Nighter, Review, & Formal.

This week has been insane. Awesome, but insane. We had our first formal review in our studio class on Friday where architects from downtown and around SLC come and critique our work and we present our work to them. It's a BIG deal. This review was for a mid-review, meaning we're half way along with the project. The project we are doing is on the Salt Flats again. This time we are designing 3 residences and a mechanical shop for racecar drivers that come to Bonneville. It's basically our most architectural project we have had yet. It's harder than I thought. We started with a very abstract process in 2-D figure-groudn drawings and then turning our drawings into 3-D objects. From there we try to use that as inspiration for our design. So for our review we had to show that process, a floor plan, section, site plan, and build a model. It doesn't sound like that much, but it takes hours and hours to do all of that. Of course most of us have just been working on the model so Thursday night there were about 20 of us here super late. Slowly peole starting leaving but there were about 6 of us here until 4 am that night. It was the craziest thing. It is amazing to me that architecture takes so much time. It is also amazing that I am usually willing to spend that time on it. I really do love my major. And having friends in my class makes it so much better.

The review. It was alright. I presented everything for about 5 minutes and then we had about 10 minutes for them to critique me and ask questions. It was helpful. It was also strange though because they kept focusing on things that didn't really have much importance in my mind. I believe site is very crucial, but when you are on the flats, it's not a huge deal because everything pretty much looks the same. The jury kept focusing a lot on my site and orientation of my structure, which is fine, but I would have liked to have more feedback on my design. I realize that there is a LOT I would like to change about my project. I have a lot of work ahead of me in the next 4 weeks. It was a very exhausting day since I didn't get a ton of sleep and then that presentation was very draining. After the review Annie and I went out to dinner and had breakdowns about how we will never get married (which is probably true). Then we went to Masha's surprise birthday party which was fun since we are never social haha. After the party Kylee came over and we watched Elf. It was pretty much the perfect night.

Saturday was EVEN better though. It was a great day. I woke up at 7:30 and went to an 8AM workout class. At 9:00 Annie and I went to help clean our church building (we are so active in our ward, haha). Then we went to get diet cokes and glitter toes. It was perfect. After that there was a blizzard, which was great. I LOVE THE SNOW. I cleaned my whole house and then went to the public library to get a few books about a building I have to draw for my history class. I then proceeded to get ready for DG Formal. I took a sig (of course), but I didn't really know him because we had only met once and very briefly. Nevertheless, it turned out to be one of the most fun formals yet!! He was a great date. Kylee and I went together up to Park City and then after formal a bunch of people came to my house and we played games, watched the office, and hung out. It was fun. I miss being social a lot. Good thing there is only 4 weeks of school left!! Hopefully I can get my social fix during the break so that I'm ready to focus again next semester. Anyways, all in all it has been a good weekend. Especially Saturday. :) I'm happy.

Here's pictures from forms-borms.


Taylor said...

Woah where did the new header on your blog come from? I like it. Is it cause you have mad photoshop skills now? That review sounds intense.

Lauren Rice said...

haha I don't have mad photoshop skills, but yes I did that in photoshop. I needed something new on my page!

Beverly Rice said...

I like the header too! I was surprised to see it though because I had gotten used to the old one. I feel like I was with you during that whole weekend. It sounds like a blast! I'd love to hear about the guy you went with! :) Balance is so important for your well-being. I loved the pics too!

Beverly Rice said...

Also - the dress looks great!!

Brecken said...

RIZ i tots love you so much!!! I can't imagine my life without you!