Monday, December 28, 2009


2009 - Many things have happened, but it has mainly been a year of learning and growing. I am so happy with everything that has happened. It's been great. I have a new understanding of life and a greater appreciation for more important things! I hope 2010 can be even better though.
Here is a flashback of the year.

New Years Eve.

Moved into my new house.

Spring Bid Day for DG.

I got a little sis! (but I look like the little.)

Crush Party.

I Planned Greek Week. (DG's Won!)

Spring Break in Arizona with the girls!!

Greek row parties.

DG Spring Formal - I went with Keeyon!

We all took Tourism and went on a legit tour of SLC.
Private helicopter and all.

Pretty much lived at Pat & T. Brode's House 24/7.

Moved home and sold Green Tea HP.

So I went and saw cool architecture.

Saw Harry Potter at Midnight.

Went to the US Virgin Islands with my family and got a hair wrap.

Started the Architecture Program.
Went on a Scavenger Hunt.

Sig Bid Party.

Went to Wendover and Won BIG $$$

Went to support DG's at Songfest.

DG's at the Drive In - I went with Josh!

Went camping in the Salt Flats with my Arch class.

Went to NYC with Aubree, Steph, & Emmy to see TBrode.

Aubs and I were Pinky and the Brain for Halloween.

DG Fall Formal - I went with Sam! (he's creeping in the background of the pic haha)

DG Casino Night.

Went to the annual Sig Techno Party.
It was a let down. But for some reason we were mexicans.

We had Christmas Parties and I turned 21.