Friday, December 25, 2009


I feel content with how hard I worked this semester and the outcome of said work. Turns out I got an A-, A-, B+, and a B in my four classes. That makes for a 3.46 GPA for the semester. Probably could have done better towards the end of the term, but I feel happy with it. Now I need to work harder next semester so that I can do even better!! Just have to remind myself that if I work hard, there is more of a chance for a great Grad School that doesn't involve Utah, haha.


Beverly Rice said...

AWESWOME grades for a VERY difficult semester!!!!

Jessica Gilmore said...

You got a B too! I'm pretty sad about the B, but everyone seemed to do pretty average in his class; there were only like 5 A-'s. I wish he would have curved the final tally a little (more?). Oh well. Good work. I'm proud of all of us. I'm kind of excited to go back and find out what everyone else got. heh. See you soon!

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