Thursday, October 4, 2007


During Homecoming week at the U there is a thing on Thursday night called "Songfest". It is when all of the frats and sororities get together and compete with songs/dances they have made up. The songs are usually ones everyone knows but they change the words and talk about Greek Life at the U and stuff. The girls usually are pretty mean to the other sororities and the boys are to the frats. It's hilarious. All of the stereotypes of all the houses are brought up and made fun of. It's all in good fun, but we seriously mean everything we say. This year DG's did a Beatles medley and did songs to Come Together, It's Been A Hard Days Night, "Love Me Ya, Ya, Ya?", Yellow Submarine, and Let it Be. It was SO LEGIT. We worked so hard on it. We practiced twice a week for two hours each time and towards the performance it was three times a week. The choreography was simple and easy so we all were together and looked sharp. Basically we are the best. This was proven because they did a girls first, a girls second, a boys first, a boys second, and then a first overall out of boys and girls. Of course, DG's won FIRST OVERALL!! We beat all the boys and all the girls! It was the best feeling ever! Here are some pictures from that night. (And we are going to try to be four for four and win every year that our pledge class is in it! I'm positive we can do it.) Gotta love DG!!!! DG's are HOTT!

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