Monday, November 5, 2007

October 2007

This month has flown by!! I feel like I have done so much in October, which made it go by so quickly! There have been PLENTY of costume parties for halloween and other things. I went home for a week for fall break and that was a lot of fun too. Amanda moved into my room, and lastly I had Initiation week for Delta Gamma and am finally an official member!! The day we got initiated was the same day we had our DG Formal at the Wells Fargo building. I-Week was crazy and I didn't get much sleep. The week before that was intense too and I was just writing papers, doing projects, etc the whole week which meant not much sleeping. College is tough because you procrastonate so much! But I am getting better at it as it goes along. I go home in two weeks for Thanksgiving and in just a month and a half I will be turning 19 and it will be Christmas!! So exciting. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy and to show you what my October has been like.

Yo Beta Raps Party

My Crazy Bruises from trying to give Blood haha

Home for Fall Break

Halloween Costume Parties!
Party at UVSC in Provo...

Costume Party at Classic Skating...

Delta Gamma Stuff from October...
(we painted the rock!!!!)

So many more pictures, but too many to post!! Life is great, and I love college and DG more than anything in the world!!!

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