Monday, December 17, 2007

'Tis the Season

Well, It's that time of year... Birthday/Christmas/New Years!! I love December SO much! Finals are over, so that is a relief and now I am back in warm, sunny California. It's good to be home, but surprisingly enough i do miss the snow... Before I came back to California I moved out of the dorm completely and moved all my stuff into Taylor's condo because I move into the DG house on January 4th. Sadly, I will no longer be roommates with Aubree, but its okay because we will still see eachother ALL the time. We're basically married. I am way stoked on living on Greek Row. Next semester will be way too much fun! I am taking a few really hard classes--Calculus I, Intro to Architecture, US Government, World Music, and Survey of Jazz. Hopefully I can do as well in those classes as I did this semester. Here are a few pictures from fun times in November/December.

Beta/Sig Christmas Parties

Pledge Class Christmas Party/Gift Exchange

Girls Night Out

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