Sunday, January 18, 2009


This weekend, while in Colorado, my uncle Scott told us about "Powerball". He told his wife to buy a $10 Powerball Lottery ticket because the big win was $165 Million--so 10 bucks was worth the chance. We started discussing what he would do with this money and he had it very thought out and planned already. So then I thought, what would I do with $165 million?? After thinking about this, I came up with the following plan.

First of all, after taking out taxes I am left with about $100 million.
I would give each of my family members $10 million. (Taylor and Amy have to share theirs, I'm not giving them each $10...) This now leaves me with $70 million. I would give each family on my Mom's side $1 million--Brad, Scott, Barb, Susan, Gran. This then leaves me with $65 million. I would set aside $5 million more in a secure vault to save for friends or family in need of money in an emergency situation in the future. Now I am left with $60 million. Ten percent of this ($6 million) would go to the church for tithing.

After all of that I can focus on things for ME!!! With $54 million dollars I would put half in some kind of account that can acquire interest for years to come and that will be for my children. Now there is $27 million. I would then put a a few million in the hands of a very good financial advisor to invest it. I would then buy a very nice flat in New York City. I would shop a TON. I would buy a new car--probably a BMW or a Mercedes. I would also hire a chef and a personal trainer. The chef would cook VERY healthy meals and design a meal plan in which I would lose 30 pounds over a certain period of time. The personal trainer would design a workout program for me to go along with the chef's goal. I would travel to England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Scotland, Japan (Tokyo), and Australia. I would most likely purchase another flat in London.

After all of these purchases I'm sure I would be left with just a couple million, or even less. I would save whatever was left and try not to spend it too quickly in hopes that I still had a good portion for when I got married that we could live from.

This is what I would do with my money. I would get everything I wanted and be completely content with spending all of my filthy money. By doing this, many of my dreams would be achieved-NYC and London at least. Anyways, what would you do with $165 million?


Taylor said...

haha you have it planned out pretty well! thanks for the 10 mil, im not complaining.

Steph said...

you are so weird! i miss you!

guess what- we totally watched the girl lipsynching to rihanna last night. DID YOU KNOW SHE HAS MORE THAN ONE VIDEO? she has like ten. you have to watch them- they are hilarious. i thought of you and jane the whole time.

miss you lwga