Saturday, February 7, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You.

Best Movie. Seriously. I loved it!!! It was so straight forward and seriously makes a girl think about how stupid she can be for thinking a guy likes her if a) he doesn't talk to her, b) he is mean to her, c) he says "I'll call you" and never does, d) won't commit to her e) only hooks up with her randomly, f) shows interest in other girls, and the list goes on. I think every girl should see this movie. I reaaaaallly want to read the book now that I have seen it. I love books and movies like this because it puts girls in perspective: If a guy likes you HE WILL CALL YOU and actually make it clear that he likes you (well, normally). Not calling you and not talking to you doesn't mean he is on vacation, too scared to call, and for some reason actually does like you a lot. THAT ISN'T NORMAL haha. Anyways, I love it I love it I love it. It was sooo cute.

It reminds me of another book kind of like this--The Manual. It's a book Steph gave me for Christmas last year and has a bunch of truths about what guys are thinking. It is great. Books like this are so fun I think. But it is funny that there are so many books out there about helping girls figure out what guys are thinking. Girls disect every little thing and analyze it, but usually the guy had no hidden meaning behind what he said or did--he just did it. It's fascinating. Anyways, if you like stuff like this I'd reccommend the Manual. It's great.

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Steph said...

The MANuel... best book ever! Best present ever!