Friday, May 15, 2009


My favorite place. I am loving being home!! So far I've been to an Angel's game (which we won!!), the Pacific Symphony, and begun my summer regimen of diet and exercise. I have been working out with Norm and am going to continue working out with him 3 times a week for the whole summer. On top of that I am training for the Disneyland Half Marathon which is September 6th. Whether I actually DO the half-marathon is a different story, haha. But I am going to train for it as if I am doing it and if I start feeling confident enough then I'll register for it. I am actually having a lot of fun exercising!! I love it. I haven't quite finished unpacking yet...I hate unpacking. I have applied to a few jobs--Nordstrom, Madison Bleu, Anthropology, and a few office jobs. Hopefully I get one!! We'll see though, haha. I have like no work experience. Well, things are going great and I am having a lot of fun being home. Now it's time for a beach day!! Who wants to go?....Amanda? :)

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