Sunday, May 31, 2009


Things I Left in Utah.
I'm sure there is more, but I just haven't noticed yet.

1. My bike. (I am most angry about this one!!!!!)
2. My camelbak.
3. My sleeping mask.
4. ALL of my jackets/coats. I was too excited about the warm weather that I forgot it sometimes gets cold...
5. All of my white heels - I have no white shoes to wear with any of my outfits.
6. Art supplies.


Kristin said...

So I am driving out on July 17th and if you really need any of these items and want them for the second half give me a call. I think we are coming in a truck. And I didn't know you had me linked. :) I guess I should add you.

Abby said...

you left me too ya jerk!!!!!
love b-reck