Monday, June 29, 2009

Aunts, Boxes, and Online Classes.

This weekend was good. My Aunt Susan was in town from Wednesday through Sunday. She is lots of fun. My dad was out of town so it was just us girls. I worked a lot, and it paid off! I got my pay check on Friday, which was nice. But better yet, between my two shifts on Saturday and Sunday I sold 26 boxes!!! How awesome is that? So my next paycheck is looking pretty good :) I hate having a job, but when I get my check it makes it a little bit better. I guess it's good I have one right now because I really don't know what else I would do with my time if I had no job. I would be SO BORED! Anyways, I hope I can keep selling a lot except today I only sold 3...It's nice that I get an hourly pay plus commission. We went to Macy's dance recital on Saturday night and it was the cutest thing ever. She danced her little heart out and was the cutest girl up there. She is actually very talented for her age and I hope she sticks with dance and continues to improve, because she will be very good.

There was a bad thing this weekend though...Okay so I am taking 2 online classes - This is my first time taking any online classes. One is World Regional Geography for my BF credit which will be my last general ed credit. The second is Television/Dramatic Arts which is a fine arts credit (which I don't need) and I only signed up for because I wanted to boost my GPA and it's an "easy A" class according to both Masha and Amy. When signing up for these Taylor and I looked on Pick-A-Prof, a fairly promising website rating professors and classes (However my experiences with it of late have been not good). Let's start with the TV class. Yes, it's true that you just watch TV for the class and then write about certain episodes and shows based on what the teacher wants you to talk about for the week. There is usually reading that goes a long with it too. I have found that you actually have to do the reading to do well in the assignments - not cool - and that you really have to watch the episode and find hidden meanings and symbolisms with it - also annoying. Also you have to watch certain TV shows, not anything you want, and that is especially annoying because all I watch is Seinfeld, Will & Grace, the Food Network, and Gossip Girl. I have had to expand my horizons. It takes quite a bit of time to do the weekly assignments, but an A in the class is looking promising, so it's worth it. Now for the second class. World Regional Geography. First of all
So boring. Not interesting in any way. This class requires quite a bit of my time. There is usually something due ever 4 days. She gives you a discussion questions which you have to write about 2 paragraphs about. Then you do the "text" reading. Now this text is completely useless. It's totally random. It's extremely detailed about random geographical things and vague on others. You do the reading so that you are prepared for the Assignment that goes with it. Assignments are 5 question quizzes basically where each question needs a couple paragraphs of answer. There's a catch though, because that seems fairly simple, the reading has NOTHING to do with the quiz. Therefore, you are given 5 questions you know nothing about and then have to research it online and find out the answer. This is SO ANNOYING because you find so much random information online and it's hard to find the answer to specific questions. After several series of disscussion, reading, assignment, it is time for the exam. The first exam happened to be this weekend. So far in this class everything has been unlimited timing, so you can take your time answering everything. The test however, is 90 minutes - which I was completely unaware of. So I started the test about 8 hours before it needed to be completed by. I did 1/3 of it and then took a break to go eat dinner with the family, came back and continued working on the test. Finally I tried to submit it and was then told by the computer "Sorry, you cannot save or submit answers. Time has expired." I. Was. Livid. I then emailed my teacher explaining that I didn't see the time limit, blah blah blah, I've never taken an online class before, blah blah blah, and attached all my answers to the email. My teacher is now pretty upset, but I am luckily getting a make up test to take instead. However, lesson has been learned - NEVER TAKE ONLINE CLASSES!!!! Yes I also learned I need to look more closely at the directions, but basically I hate online classes. Luckily the architecture program doesn't make you take any :) haha. I am sooooo nervous/stressed/excited for the program to start in the fall. AHHHHH! I feel so inadequate. So much to do. I need to sketch more this summer, maybe brush up on some math and physics, and also buy a new computer for it. Craaazy. I'm still freaking out, FYI.

Well, that's about it. Sorry for the long post but I just needed to vent. Can't wait for Jill and Barb to come this weekend and Taylor and Amy next week!

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Taylor said...

Wow, I cant believe you sold that many boxes! thats so crazy. sorry about geography. at least you are totally done with generals after this though and you wont have to worry about completing them during the program.