Saturday, July 18, 2009


So yesterday my dad and I went to LA for the afternoon. I've been taking trips to LA this summer so I can fully appreciate and take advantage of the amazing art and architecture it has to offer. My teacher gave me some advice when he found out I had been accepted into the Arch program, he said this summer I should go and see amazing architecture, but not analyze it, just be a part of it. So yesterday our goal was to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall - one of my favorite structures - and the LA High School 9 - see previous blog for more info on this. We took the metro-link up there then the red line to Civic Center. The Disney Hall was AMAZING. Absolutely breathtaking. The curves are phenomenal to look at. I tried not to think about the building in an analytical way and tried to just "be". I suddenly felt my perspective change and I realized how big this structure was and that at one point, it was just a drawing on paper. It was inspiring. I brought my really nice digital SLR camera with me with 2 BATTERIES just in case one ran out. I also brought my tiny digital camera that I recently bought. As luck would have it, we forgot the memory card to one and the battery was dead on the other. I was forced to resort to my camera phone, but here is a couple pictures. Better than none, I guess!

We then walked a few blocks to the High School. It was really cool to look at. It was pretty much blocked off and we couldn't walk around the campus or anything, but it was cool to see it in person. It doesn't even look like a high school. I saw in some of the windows though and they have SUCH nice furniture. The students who go there are so lucky! Here's a picture from my phone.

After that we walked back to the red line and took it to Hollywood and Highland and ate dinner at that shopping area. It was fun to see all the tourists freak out about stuff. Hollywood is a cool area that I don't take enough advantage of either. Such a fun night life there. Well then we headed back to the metro and took amtrak home. Overall it was a fun experience and I'm so glad I got the chance to see such amazing architecture. I need to go back and get some REAL pictures!

PS- I'm so lucky that I can take a short train ride and end up in downtown LA/Hollywood/anywhere in LA I need to go! Why haven't I done that more??

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