Sunday, July 19, 2009

You know the feeling?

When you think "Maybe I can fit into those old jeans that are too small for me?"... It's a feeling that brings good and bad feelings because that means you feel confident that you are looking thinner and are feeling better about yourself. But then what if you try them on and they don't fit? Hmm...that destroys all confidence. Well, I recently had this feeling and decided to really assess the situation. I realized there were 3 options.

1. Not try them on at all. Who cares if you can fit into the old jeans even if you would know that you'd lost some of those annoying LB's? The feeling you have right now is good so you might as well not ruin it. But then again, you'll never know if they really fit.

2. Try them on and the FIT! You really can fit into them again and it's a great feeling! Now you can wear them whenever you want and are motivated to keep working out and eat healthy!

3. Try them on and they don't fit :( This could happen, but then you could think of it in a positive way and use it as a motivation to keep working hard, but know that even though they didn't fit, you do feel better about yourself which is why you thought they would fit.

Okay, so kinda confusing, I know. But My absolute FAVORITE pair of jeans are my Earnest Sewn Harlan-93 Cigarette Leg jeans. I LOVE THEM. And unfortunately they haven't fit as well as I would like them to lately. Just a little snug ;) haha. I recently thought that maybe I could try them on and see if they fit just to see my progress from this summer. After thinking of options 1-3 I decided I would be fine with trying them on no matter the result. So I did. They fit! How exciting! I could still use a little more room in them, but hey - they zip, button, and I can walk up the stairs in them! haha This is a good sign. So now I am motivated to keep exercising and working hard! But for all you girls out there who have those pair of jeans your not sure if you fit into anymore - DO IT! Nothing to be scared of, unless you don't want motivation to lose some weight!! :)


Beverly Rice said...

Way to go!!!!! You are so inspiring!!! Congratulations!!!

b said...

i l.o.v.eeeee. YOU!!! I love reading your blog and stalking your life. I'm in LA till fri and laguna till the next saturday. xo we BEST play!!