Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Here are pictures from my lovely family vacation to the US Virgin Islands - Mainly St. Thomas, but also St. John.

The Hotel

The Catamaran & Water Island
(My favorite part of the entire week)

St. John

It was such a fun family vacation! The only down side is that we went the same week as Shark Week, so I was terrified of the ocean the whole time!! haha. Oh yah - and the fact the mosquitos attacked me and my dad. Other than that the trip was complete bliss. I love my family, and I love how perfectly Amy fits in with us. Great way to end the summer.

PS - Next Summer I am taking sailing lessons!! I can't wait.


Jake... said...

Speechless. Those pics are phenomenal.

Steph said...

We can go sailing together! I'm a fan!