Friday, August 14, 2009

Sum-mer, Sum-mor.

The end of the Summer has come and all I am left with is the feeling of wanting some more. It went by SO fast. It's been a nice summer, but I don't feel like "Wow, I really jam-packed my summer full of stuff and feel so content with how much I did with my spare time." I feel like I just slept, worked, ran, and spent time with the family. This is all good stuff, but I am dissappointed in myself - I haven't read any books this summer, gone on any road trips, or taken enough advantage of the beach that's so close to me. Oh well, this was a great summer nonetheless. On Monday I'll be back in Utah to unpack, get settled, and jump right back into the things I left off - Greek Council, DG, and school. It was really fun going to six flags with my Utah friends on Monday because it got me excited to go back to school. (I change my mind every day it seems like on whether or not I am excited or not). Anyways, it was a lot of fun.

Things To Do Before Leaving:
1. PACK!
2. Soak up some last rays of sun.
3. Say bye to my friends here.
4. ...finish the garage...
*I cleaned a bunch of the garage yesterday, but tomorrow my dad and I are really going to do work on it and hopefully get the second car into it? We'll see...
5. Mani/Pedi
6. Last work out with Norm!
7. Get lots of sleep and enjoy being in my home state. Beautiful Californi-I-A.

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