Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hard Work Paid Off.

Last week I had several projects due and it looks like my hard work paid off!!! My drawing was really good and my teacher chose the best ones to hang on the wall and mine made it!! My other project for that class with my HDR images and photoshop skills came out really good too! And then there is my studio project - it was AWESOME!! And I got some amazing feedback from our jury (the major 2's). I felt so good about it. They told me my model was the best they had seen so far and that I had amazing craft. They said my design was good and they understood all my reasoning for the things I did. There was a problem, I addressed it, and then found the best design solution to that problem. I'll put pictures up ASAP. Architecture may be hard work, but it is SO rewarding when you know your hard work is actually paying off!!! I love it. I have a TON of other projects for this week too so hopefully I can work hard again and keep up this momentum. I did however take a couple nights off and go out with my friends. It was the Sig Bid Party, so I had to! It was so much fun to see everyone and just have fun. I'm going to try and make time to go out once a week. I think it's reasonable if I manage my time correctly. Well it's been a good couple days, but now it's back to business!

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Beverly Rice said...

Congratulations! Your efforts at time management and hard work allowed you to reap the rewards. Enjoy it! Remember how it feels to have success. It will help you during the times when you are exhausted! :) Love you!