Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Space Intervention.

Project 1 for Studio.
Choose a space and change it. Anywhere, anyway, anything. Seems so simple. It's not. You can pick a place you love and make it bad. Choose somewhere you hate and make it good. The possibilities are endless. So for MY project, I chose Blue Plate Diner. I chose it because I think it's a cute place for people in the community, but there is always such a long wait and no where to wait.
Exhibit A:

The other problem is that the coffee shop next door, 21st and 21st, is going out of business. I think it's a cute neighborhood coffee/hot chocolate place and if the area around it was more enjoyable, it wouldn't be going out of business.
Exhibit B:

The area is not needed for parking, so the 8 parking spots wouldn't be missed if I changed it to my design. SO -- the next thing was, if I was waiting, what would I want to be doing? Well first of all sitting down. I hate standing for long periods of time. But then I realized it's pretty hot in the summer, I'd probably also want some shade and shelter(same goes for winter if it is raining or snowing). Those were pretty much my two necessities. So I played around with different placements of trees and benches and different designs that would take too long for me to type about (for further questions talk to me in person. it's easier to explain) But anyways, this is my final design. I made this model and spent a long time on it trying to make it very precise and perfect. And like my previous post mentioned - my hard work paid off. I got great reviews mainly on my model.

I could go into so much more detail about why I did the things I did - there is a reason for EVERYTHING. The placement, size, direction, material,...EVERYTHING. Only think I will say is that the people are a little too big...they are all about 7 ft. tall haha. I'll fix that on my next project. Pretty much the short version: Everything is linear (the trees, the benches, the street) and are directiong the circulation of people from the diner to the bench area. However it is all contradicted with a curved structural element that is above everything; creating a hierarchy of placement. If you look close, the curved canopy started as a rectangle, but has been altered into curves and is set off-axis.

ANYWAYS, I wish this could happen in real life, but oh well. Also - I know this design isn't perfect. There are still many things I would change. Architecture is never finished. Let me know your thoughts on Project 1.


Taylor said...

That is so awesome! Wow, seriously. I dont even know if you thought about this but I noticed the rain/snow would fall off the metal thing in good places so it didnt land on someones head. Very cool.

Scott Rice said...

This is spectacular. I love the structural element. Taylor's comment was right on about the function. It is so simple yet it would be a major landmark if it was built. To me, it is also pays homage to Gehry's designs.

Beverly Rice said...

Totally Legit!!! Wow! I cannot even figure out how you thought of this design. It looks totally pro! I cannot imagine what your designs will look like in 4 years!