Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Couldn't Have Said It Better.

Had to copy this portion of my friend/desk-mate, Jessica's, blog. I couldn't have said this better myself. She's great.
(BTW - Joerg, pronounced "Yourg")

"There are about 36 of us in my year, the major-ones. The major-twos, grad-ones and grad-twos all have about 50 people. We're tiny. For Studio, a five credit class, we are divided into 3 groups, each group under a professor. My studio is probably the closest. Our professor, Joerg, is absoultely brilliant. I eat up every word he says, always. He is from Germany. Wonderful German accent, can't remember words sometimes, makes fun of US things. SO great. He worked for Frank Gehry for four or five years. He has had a lot of experience both in Europe and in the US. I really really really look up to him, love learning from him, am inspired by his knowledge. We all work really hard for him, want to make him proud. It isn't that he pushes our studio harder than the other two professors push theirs, but we each push each other and thus as a group exceed the class. It seems. I love it. We all tend to be here later than other people, but then again we laugh more than anyone and actually enjoy being with each other. I am already sad for next semester when our group gets mixed up and we have a new professor. Of course I will make the best of it, learn all I can from the next professor, but I think I will always remember learning from Joerg.

I love learning to work with new computer programs. The adobe suite is quite incredible. We are working with CS4, I think I used CS2 in high school. Kind of annoying that by the time I graduate I'll probably be using CS6 or something. But no biggie. It is hard, trying to learn these programs so quickly, but it is amazing how much we students know collectively. One of us always knows or recently discovered how to do some trick or another on photoshop, sketchup, indesign, illustrator, daz3d, rhino, whatever. It's great, I'm so glad we all get along and are so willing to help each other. When really, we are each others competition."

I literally couldn't have described our studio better. I love our section for studio. We are becoming such good friends. We stay at the building until 12 or 1 AM pretty frequently and have so much fun. I'm sure the reason we stay so late is because part of the time we are just laughing together having fun rather than getting work done. It really is funny though how the people who spend the most people at school are the people in my section. We are always there and everyone else is home by about 8 PM or earlier. Another great thing about our studio section - class ends at 5, but Joerg doesn't care at all so we end up getting out at about 6:00. (Yes, I consider it a great thing about the studio.) He tells us to just expect to have a longer class. It's funny. But the other classes are usually done by about 4. They are always telling us "Wow that sucks so bad that you guys have to stay so much longer! That sounds so miserable! I would hate not being able to get work done during class since you guys are just doing stuff with Joerg the whole time". But what they don't understand is that most of us would be happy staying even much much longer than 6. The time passes so quick and we learn so much more interesting information than the other sections are learning. Joerg tells us so many amazing things and I LOVE listening to him talk about architecture and the industry. It's amazing. I never want to switch professors even though he expects so much more than the other professors.

In short: Joerg's studio is the best ever and I love architecture school.