Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brown Recluse.

Soooo, yesterday in class i started itching behind my knee. There was a really really tiny dot that hurt like a bug bite. I thought nothing of it, but every hour or so it would start hurting. By the end of the day it was hurting constantly. Just walking and putting pressure on my leg was hurting it way bad. The spot hadn't gotten bigger, but around it was red. When I woke up today there was a huge red area around my bug bite and it was swollen too. Then at lunch, I told Drew, Taylor, and AJ about it and showed them my bug bite. Suddenly AJ was suggesting that Taylor take me straight to the doctor because it looked like what Jon had when he got bit by a brown recluse. At this point was was for sure freaking out. Somehow Drew convinced me that I shouldn't go to the doctor and should just wait until tomorrow at Sunday dinner when I can go to Camie's parents house and have Barr look at it. If my leg has to be amputated, we can officially blame Drew -- he even gave permission for that. Anyways, I know it isn't a brown recluse but it was funny to freak out about it and it definitely is something poisonous! The kids in my class that I was with today was making fun of me for it, ha. Well, that's my story about the brown recluse. Oh and then my parents started freaking out and I said it was a joke so then they started texting me things that weren't funny but were joking so it was kinda funny...such as "Just got bit by a dog with rabies" and "Just got in a head on collision". Not funny at all, but funny because that's how it was when I said I got bit by a brown recluse! haha. Well, the end.

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drew said...

LOL! I actually woke up worrying that I may have to live the rest of my life knowing that I am responsible for your missing leg.

I already have it set up that THREE doctors will be able to look at you this afternoon....