Monday, October 26, 2009


Mid-semester. It's good to know that we are a little over half way done and haven't died yet from lack of sleep, but this is also the time when I start getting really stressed about grades. It always seems that the second half of the semester is a downfall because you are kind of worn out and have figured out what the minimum amount of work you have to do in each class is in order to still do okay (but then it always ends up not being okay and making your grade go down). I want fall break back. I have a test in my History of World Architecture class this week. This time I feel equally (if not worse) about how much I know of the chapters as last time. Even though I ended up doing well last time, I am still nervous. I also have a ton going on in all my other classes. A project due on Thursday in my arch digital studio and Friday in my normal studio and then the following Tuesday is a test in Materials and then Wednesday is a pin-up for Studio. Needless to say, I'm stressed. When I'm stressed, I blog. In the first round of assignments, tests, & projects for my classes thus far, I actually did very well and am doing a little better than the majority of my classmates. However, whenever I am doing well I think I can try a little less and still do well and then I start slacking and thats when I start doing not good. I feel like I've been slacking, even though I've been ultra busy with homework. It's weird. I hope I am more prepared for all of this than I think I am. I am hoping to pull a couple A's this semester, which would actually be doing VERY well. A's are not given out very frequently in the architecture department. Anyways, enough about school.

HALLOWEEN IS THIS WEEKEND! I am excited. Last week Aubree and I were Pinky and the Brain for a H-ween party. It was the best costume. Seriously, for anyone who knows us, you know it is perfect. Obviously I was the Brain and she was Pinky haha. Just to clarify. For real Halloween I am going to be a Sailor. Gotta rep DG! Anyways, I am especially excited for this weekend because the day after halloween has 2 wonderful things about it. 1. It's daylight savings and it's FALL BACK so we get an extra hour of sleep after partying all night for Halloween! 2. Then I can officially listen to my Christmas music publicly and not change my iPod to something else every time someone gets in my car! I have been listening to it for a few weeks now and can't. get. enough. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. How weird is it that I turn 21 in less than 2 months? Crazy.

Well, I'll put up pictures of lately up sometime soon. Also, NYC pics are on FB. Lots of them.

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Beverly Rice said...

It is so good when you can analyze yourself and figure out how to improve. That skill will serve you well in the future!