Monday, August 20, 2007

The Beehive State.

Well, it's official: I live in Utah. When I first got here last week I was in tears leaving all my friends behind. It was so much harder than I thought it would be...After a full day of crying, I think I got it all out and accepted that I'll be here for the next year. On move in day things got better because it was a ton of fun setting up my room and getting all settled in. I love my dorm!! Its adorable. Here are pics.

Okay, so BONUS, Aubree and I also got the coolest room mate ever! Her name is Morgan and she is exactly like us. We're basically already really good friends. However, thats the only person we've met and we've been here for a week. haha, we are a little shy...But anywho, today was the first day of school. TALK ABOUT STRESSFUL! I was seriously sooo nervous. Last night we went and walked around the campus with Drew, Taylor, and Amy so that we could get a feel for things. Luckily I was able to get on the shuttle with Aubree this morning and it stopped exactly in front of my first class which was at the Architecture building. It was scary walking in. I walked to the 3rd floor and walked around aimlessly trying to find room 334. You would think that since it's the Arch building it would be layed out pretty organized, but no. There basically aren't rooms in it, its just a lot of open space and you have to guess which open space is the room you are looking for. I took a lucky guess and assumed it was the one that a bunch of people were sitting at. There were about 10 people when I got there. I talked to this nice girl who will be applying to the Arch major this year. She was nice, but she is a senior. Everyone seemed really old so I though that I was the only freshman, but then like 5 freshman walked in. I recognized two of them from orientation which was cool. I also met a guy who is a freshman so then I felt a little less outnumbered. Finally a teacher walked in and told us that he wasn't out teacher and our teacher wouldnt be here until next Monday. So he passed out syllabus's to all of us with a list of all the art supplies we are going to need. It is a lot of stuff. After he passed out the paper he just let us go, so my two hour class turned into a ten minute class haha. It was nice. After that I met up with Morgan for a while then she went to class and then I met up with Aubree. So basically for like two hours I was just chillin around campus. I then went back to the dorm with Morgan and got ready for my next class, Trig. Aubree wanted to come with me to the class to see if she wanted to switch into my class or not. So we went to my math class in the JWB building and the class is huge haha. (SO many hott guys. they are all way old, but what does that matter??) After math I went over and met up with Taylor to pay tuition..blah blah blah. After that we went to this really great sandwich place called Gondalfo's and had sandwiches for free! It was great and the sandwiches are bomb. That night we went to FHE at a club called Studio 600 downtown. It was a lot of fun but we left around 10:30. On our way back we had to park far from the dorms because there was no parking so when we walked back we met some guys who were from Provo. They were here playing a basketball game against the U from UVSC. We chatted with them outside for about an hour and then let them see our dorm. It was funny. They left and then we went to bed for the second day of school. On the second day of school I had my Architecture Leap class and then my writing class. Both of the classes were very interesting. Aubree is in my writing class so that was fun. On Tuesday night we had our Hip Hop class and we made Morgan come with us. That was a ton of fun too. We learned a fun dance and it was great.

Basically, college life is amazing. Rush started on Saturday and it's already the second week of school. I'll let you know on Thursday what happens with the sorority. That's the day we find out which one we got into. Well if you want to mail me any packages you can mail them to me at:

1408 Heritage Center
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-2020
* you have to have ALL of the zip code because I am living in dorms.

Love you all! Hope you are all great!


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