Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hell Week.

Hell week is rapidly approaching. I have so much going on between now and Dec. 16th at school that I literally don't know where to start. I would list the things I have to do, but it would just be obnoxious. However, knowing that the day I finish the semester on December 16th is the exact day that festivities begin, helps me to keep going. I can't wait for this to be over. December 16-20 might very well be some of the best days ever. I am determined to jam pack them with some good ol' SLC fun inclucing my ward Christmas party (which will be way more fun than it sounds), Aubree's Birthday, My Birthday, Sub for Santa Party at the Deeg, Christmas shopping, Ice Skating, Hot Chocolate, Snow (hopefully), and enjoying the company of my wonderful friends who I have been neglecting this semester. It will be swell. I almost don't even want to go home for the whole Christmas break - I know that sounds bad. I really want to be with my family, but going home isn't the same anymore since High School. People are doing there own thing and most of us have drifted apart and are going very different directions. A few of my best friends will be home, which will be fun, but other than a very select few people...I would rather be with friends in Utah. Anyways, life is good, but it will be better when the semester comes to an end. Wish me luck surviving. And Good Luck to everyone else with Finals Week!


chloee said...

ahhhh i loveyou! and we will party it up when these are over! i have been studying since thursday night and will probably be studying till monday morning straight haha but i love you and good luck! see you in two weeks when this is alllll over :)

Steph said...

i love the christmas party shout-out! and i love that you love utah even more. oh another thing i love: how those boys last night had no idea what blogs were... and we do it every day. no big deal.