Thursday, December 3, 2009


Annie Burbidge speaks a different language. It is called "Op". Since I live with her and spend the majority of my time with either her or Brecken, I decided to start learning Op. It started with just practicing every week in church by reading the program in Op. I am proud to say that now I am fluent in the language! It is the most fun way to speak. Last night we spoke op for the longest time and it was the best. Here is a snippet of op.

Opannopie opand opi spopeak op topo opeachopothoper opand opit opis thope bopest opand mopest fopun thoping opevoper!!!! Opi lopove op. Opi lopove opannopie opand opi dopont wopant hoper topo mopove opout. Opit wopill bope opa sopad dopay. Thope opend.

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Emmy said...

My older siblings used this language all the time so I couldn't understand them! Congratulations on now being fluent!